Thank you for interest in Banyan Partners Executive Visa Programs.

The Green Card Visa Programs in the USA are getting harder to get every year, and there are some stringent guidelines set up by the USA Government. Banyan Partners takes these guidelines and breaks them down into manageable steps.

Before we start the process, you must have a qualifying business in your home country. These are the generally accepted definitions a "qualifying business":

  • Sales of over $350,000 per year
  • At least 10 employees  
  • In business for more than 3 years

If you have a qualifying business and you have been the owner, director or senior manager for at least 1 of the past 3 years, then Banyan is ready to work with you. Banyan Partners works with foreign citizens who wish to become permanent legal residents of the United States. Through our involvement with executive visa programs, we help our clients invest in government approved projects and private businesses. By doing so, our investors and their families are eligible for a United States Green Card and permanent legal residence within the U.S. Many of our current clients are from India, China and Vietnam.

Banyan Partners also represents American business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking alternative sources for raising capital. Currently, we have overseas offices in Shanghai China, Mumbai India, Hanoi Vietnam and Manila Philippines.

We look forward to serving you.